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The Whiteout

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Do you like playing in the snow? May we ask, why?
Regardless, we’ve taken Classic to a new level - get ‘em while they’re cold!


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$42.00 $21.00


$42.00 $21.00


$42.00 $21.00

Not sure what size you are? Visit our sizing chart

  • All White
  • Cabretta Leather
  • Premium Cabretta Leather
  • Responsive Control & Feel for Increased Performance
  • Lightweight & Durable Material
  • Superior Flexibility & Breathability
  • Perforated Design for Moisture Control
  • All Climate Grip
  • Ergonomically Designed for Tight & Secure Fit
Get ready to play your best golf with our premium cabretta leather golf gloves. Increased control, feel, and performance for golfers of all levels. Red Rooster golf gloves offer superior grip, flexibility, and breathability for all climate types.

Our combination of breathable leather material gives you a better grip while also offering exceptional range of motion. The perforated design increases ventilation to help keep your hands dry and comfortable with every swing.

No more compromising on budget and quality. Red Rooster golf gloves provide professional quality golf gloves at a price that makes sense. Expert design, quality manufacturing, and premium materials all in a tour-grade golf glove that fits like a second skin.
The Whiteout
The Whiteout
The Whiteout
The Whiteout
The Whiteout
The Whiteout
The Whiteout
The Whiteout

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lucas Aitken
No whiteout gloves left in stock I wish there was

I have three of the feather gloves and absolutely love them , great fit and seem to be holding up and keeping their shape and not stretching out so far. As for the whiteout glove I ordered one and it didn’t fit properly and now there are none in stock but I wish there was it’s was my favourite look.

Allan Pharand

Great gloves

David Cater
Excellent as expected!

Hard to say more when “excellent” is the expectation and delivered again. Fit, feel and colour pattern all terrific. Love the Whiteout. Hoping a “Blackout” is in the works!

Great Glove!

High quality, good fitting, and good looking glove! Durable so far, my new go to!

Chris J
Another Winner!

Whiteout is another winner of a glove. Fits and feels great, and may be the best looking glove so far!!!


What is cabretta leather?

Cabretta leather is a top-quality material for leather golf gloves. It’s made from the hide of haired sheep and provides a comfortable fit, soft feel, and superior grip. An advantage that comes with using cabretta leather golf gloves is that they remain soft and pliable throughout several rounds.

How long does a golf glove last?

An average golf gloves last up to 10 rounds. Factors that can vary the lifespan of your glove include: the number of swings, the tightness of your grip, the material, and how well you take care of your glove. The “Brahma” glove from Red Rooster can last up to and more than 10 rounds with proper use and care.

What hand do you wear a golf glove on?

A golf glove is typically worn on the “weaker” or lead hand - which is the hand on the top of your grip. If you swing your clubs from the right side, you will need a left-handed golf glove, and vice versa for lefties. The “Brahma”” glove comes in both orientations, for left-handed and right-handed golfers.

Should you take your golf glove off to putt?

You don’t have to! High level golfers believe that their feel is much better without a golf glove when hitting delicate shots with their putter. It’s good practice to take it off to let your glove air out and to maximize your chances of draining tricky putts.

What size golf glove do I need?

A commonly overlooked factor when choosing a golf glove is finding the right fit. A glove is supposed to fit like a second skin and should feel tight around your hand and fingers. Our team has developed a comprehensive glove sizing guide which can help you pick out the right size glove. No more loose gloves that affect your swing!