How Long Do
Golf Gloves Last?

When is it Time to Replace Your Golf Gloves?

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How Long Should a Golf Glove Typically Last?

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Factors that Influence the Lifespan of Your Golf Gloves

The Quality of Your Gloves

Golf gloves come in a wide variety of materials. Higher quality materials like cabretta leather will typically last longer compared to cheaper alternatives.

Your Grip

How hard you grip your club will directly correlate to how long your golf gloves last. The harder or tighter that you grip your clubs, the quicker your gloves will wear out.

Playing Conditions

If you frequently play in hot weather, have a propensity for sweaty hands, or if you always leave your glove on, your gloves are bound to wear out quicker than the average lifespan of a golf glove.

Care & Maintenance

Taking you glove off between shots, storing your glove once it’s dry and flat, and occasionally cleaning your gloves will make them last longer.

Common Signs that it’s Time to Replace Your Golf Gloves

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Tips for Making Your Golf Gloves Last Longer

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