Additional Golf Gloves

Whether you have a premium cabretta leather golf glove from Red Rooster, or you’re just wearing your run of the mill golf glove, you should always keep a spare glove in your bag. It’s amazing how often golfers open their bag to a couple of ancient and completely worn-out gloves. Perhaps even more often for the average golfer, they open their bag to find no gloves at all.

Our best advice is to always keep a new golf glove in your bag that’s ready to go when you need it.

Golf Towel

It might just be one of the most underappreciated golf accessories in your bag. Nobody wants to start their round off with a club that has dirt and grass caked on it from the previous round.

Keeping a towel in your bag will help you keep your clubs clean, keep your golf balls free of debris, and can also help to wipe off your sweaty hands as well. Your clubs are designed to perform at their best when they’re clean… a towel is simple golf accessory to keep on you at all times that will help improve your game.

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Don’t be that guy that always asks for a tee… stock up on quality tees to be ready for the tee box.

Ball Markers

A common rookie mistake is not having a ball marker and marking your ball with a tee or a small twig.


Round out your outfit and protect yourself from the heat with a hat – or keep one in your bag just in case.

Alignment Rods

An inexpensive, simple, and effective accessory that will help improve your game. Practice makes perfect!

Glove Case

Keep your gloves fresh, dry, and make them last much longer with a quality glove case.


Golf club head covers are primarily designed to protect your clubs, but they also do so much more than that. Your head covers can say a lot about you and your game, and nothing can exude confidence, or maybe even a “cockiness” like a set of Red Rooster branded head covers.

Red Rooster has you covered for all your golf accessory needs.From quality golf gloves, to headcovers, and ball markers. Wake up your golf game with Red Rooster Golf products!

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Golf Glove Prices

Prices can vary quite a bit when looking at golf gloves. The type of material, the brand, and the size can all affect the overall price of your glove. It’s important to note that a high price point isn’t always synonymous with high-quality.

A premium cabretta leather golf glove will typically cost around $20 or more, with synthetic gloves being priced slightly cheaper. Our advice is to find something you like, and try to hit the 3 checks: price, performance, and durability. Two out of three is great, but you won’t have to compromise with Red Rooster golf gloves. Get the best bang for your buck with our premium cabretta leather golf gloves.

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