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The Advantages of Cabretta
Leather Golf Gloves

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Why Leather Golf Gloves?

There are 3 main types of golf gloves that you can get on the market: leather, synthetic, and hybrids. Synthetic gloves are commonly more affordable but don’t offer the same type of grip or breathability. Hybrid gloves are combinations of both leather and synthetic gloves but the right proportions of materials are often hard to find. That’s why most golfers opt for playing with a cabretta leather golf glove.
  • Superior Grip

  • Exceptional Performance

  • Unparalleled Breathability

Leather golf gloves are notorious for being the supplest of the three golf glove materials. They provide an exceptional feel, superior grip, and offer breathability that is hard to match.

What Can a Red Rooster Glove Do for Your Game?

a black cabretta leather golf glove from Red Rooster Golf
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