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Le Saddle

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  • Noir
  • Cuir cabretta
  • Cuir cabretta haut de gamme
  • Contrôle et sensation réactifs pour Performances accrues
  • Matériau léger et durable
  • Flexibilité et respirabilité supérieures
  • Conception perforée pour le contrôle de l'humidité
  • Prise tout climat
  • Conception ergonomique pour un ajustement serré et sécurisé
Jouez votre meilleur golf avec nos gants de golf en cuir cabretta premium. Contrôle, sensations et performances accrus pour les golfeurs de tous niveaux. Les gants de golf Red Rooster offrent une adhérence, une flexibilité et une respirabilité supérieures pour tous les types de climat.

Notre combinaison de matériaux en cuir respirant vous offre une meilleure adhérence tout en offrant une amplitude de mouvement exceptionnelle. La conception perforée augmente la ventilation pour aider à garder vos mains au sec et à l'aise à chaque swing.

Plus de compromis sur le budget et la qualité. Les gants de golf Red Rooster offrent des gants de golf de qualité professionnelle à un prix raisonnable. Conception experte, fabrication de qualité et matériaux de qualité supérieure , le tout dans un gant de golf de qualité tour qui s'adapte comme une seconde peau.
Le Saddle
Le Saddle
Le Saddle
Le Saddle
Le Saddle
Le Saddle
Le Saddle

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Larry Allen
Great feeling

Just plain and simple a great glove. Also thanks for the email because I forgot to pay for the glove we thought was loss in the mail. Will get that looked after in the next couple days. Tganks

Tom Heatley
I'll get back in the saddle every time!!

fit perfect.. 4 rounds now stretching.. played in damp conditions and absorbed well. will def buy again

Jason Conkin
Comfy and durable

I have had the glove for a month now and love how tacky and comfortable it is, once broke in and fit to my hand I love how I do t have to over tighten the Velcro to get it on. It fits really well and for the amoubt I have played with it , it has been standing up very well, gotten about 15 rounds and some practice time with it and no sign of wear. I definitely recommend the gloves and have had few people inquire about them and how they are. I am sold and red rooster gloves will be the only glove for me

Kyle Schauerte

I truly live these gloves. The fit is great, high quality. I play once a week and only went through 2 gloves last year. The communication from the team is amazing.

Andrew M
Awesome customer service

These guys are awesome, any issue I had they solved it. I haven't had a customer service experience like this in a really long time.

I will absolutely buy another glove from Them in the future, and recommend anyone give them a try.


What is cabretta leather?

Cabretta leather is a top-quality material for leather golf gloves. It’s made from the hide of haired sheep and provides a comfortable fit, soft feel, and superior grip. An advantage that comes with using cabretta leather golf gloves is that they remain soft and pliable throughout several rounds.

How long does a golf glove last?

An average golf gloves last up to 10 rounds. Factors that can vary the lifespan of your glove include: the number of swings, the tightness of your grip, the material, and how well you take care of your glove. The “Brahma” glove from Red Rooster can last up to and more than 10 rounds with proper use and care.

What hand do you wear a golf glove on?

A golf glove is typically worn on the “weaker” or lead hand - which is the hand on the top of your grip. If you swing your clubs from the right side, you will need a left-handed golf glove, and vice versa for lefties. The “Brahma”” glove comes in both orientations, for left-handed and right-handed golfers.

Should you take your golf glove off to putt?

You don’t have to! High level golfers believe that their feel is much better without a golf glove when hitting delicate shots with their putter. It’s good practice to take it off to let your glove air out and to maximize your chances of draining tricky putts.

What size golf glove do I need?

A commonly overlooked factor when choosing a golf glove is finding the right fit. A glove is supposed to fit like a second skin and should feel tight around your hand and fingers. Our team has developed a comprehensive glove sizing guide which can help you pick out the right size glove. No more loose gloves that affect your swing!