Why Subscription?

  • How it works

    Golf gloves wear out over time due to regular use, so having a subscription ensures you always have a fresh and reliable glove on hand. With Red Rooster’s No Risk Subscription Service, you’ll receive new a glove(s) on a frequency of your choosing allowing you to enjoy premium-quality golf gloves at a discounted price.

  • Benefits

    • The Best Gloves at the Best Price: You always get 10% off the lowest price. Even gloves that are on sale.
    • Change your glove style as often as you like.
    • Adjust your delivery frequency as needed.
    • Skip orders as often as you need.
    • Enjoy exclusive offers and rewards.
    • Free Shipping.

    Pause or Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

  • Get Started

    Are you ready to Wake Up Your Game? Get a FREE award-winning practice glove as part of your starter kit.

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Play it forward

Your purchase helps us give gloves to junior golfers trying out the game for the first time. Our Play It Forward Program Partners (First Tee Triangle, First Tee Ontario, Kevin Haime Golf Centre) are helping to shape the lives of young people around the world – this is our way of “Playing It Forward.”

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