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Why it’s Important to Get the Right Golf Glove

Why it’s Important to Get the Right Golf Glove

Many golfers think about getting new clubs, better balls, and the latest technology for their drivers, but they often overlook the quality of their golf glove… The glove makes the connection between the body and the golf club. Even with a picture-perfect swing, a shoddy glove can cause inconsistencies in your game.

If your glove doesn’t fit quite right or if the material doesn’t grip well, it can lead to less control of the club, unnecessary wear and tear, and some likely discomfort. We’re here to help make the glove purchasing decision easy with our tips for finding the right golf glove.

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Which Hand do you Wear a Golf Glove on?

Which Hand do you Wear a Golf Glove on?

Most golfers opt for only wearing one glove. If you’re going with a single golf glove, you’ll want to wear it on your left hand if you’re a right-handed golfer and vice versa for left-handed golfers. This means that the glove is worn on the top hand in relation to your grip – where most of the contact with the club is made.

However, some golfers actually choose to wear a golf glove on both of their hands. Although it’s uncommon and may seem unusual, there are some additional benefits of wearing two gloves. Two gloves help manage sweaty hands, can reduce the likelihood of blisters, and can help in wet/rainy conditions. It does reduce the “feel” of the club, which is why most players will only play with one glove.

Different Golf Glove Materials

When choosing the right golf glove, you’ll have to consider the different types of materials available:


The most common choice for golf gloves. Leather golf gloves provide a soft feel with exceptional grip. Though they may stretch a bit and also wear out slightly faster than others types of gloves.


Improved durability and flexibility compared to leather gloves. They are often more affordable but the material isn’t as grippy and doesn’t breathe as well.


A combination of leather and synthetic materials. This type of glove design will feel similar to leather gloves but with increased durability and longevity.

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Finding the Right Size

Finding the Right Size

Maybe even more important than the type of material is the size of your golf glove. It’s estimated that up to 50% of golfers are using a glove that’s too big for them. If your glove doesn’t fit properly, it may compromise your grip with the club. This can lead to all kinds of inconsistencies in your swing.

Your glove should feel like a second skin. It should be tight across the palm and a snug fit around the fingers without any loose material. Use our golf glove sizing guide to figure out what size you should wear. If you happen to fit in between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller size.

Golf Glove Prices

Golf Glove Prices

Prices can vary quite a bit when looking at golf gloves. The type of material, the brand, and the size can all affect the overall price of your glove. It’s important to note that a high price point isn’t always synonymous with high-quality.

A premium cabretta leather golf glove will typically cost around $20 or more, with synthetic gloves being priced slightly cheaper. Our advice is to find something you like, and try to hit the 3 checks: price, performance, and durability. Two out of three is great, but you won’t have to compromise with Red Rooster golf gloves. Get the best bang for your buck with our premium cabretta leather golf gloves.

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